About the programme

The program has been approved by the EU Commission on December 12, 2007.


The allocated funds from the European regional development fund amount to approximately 33 mln euro.


The program document describes, among others, which types of development initiatives can be considered as a project eligible for EU financing.  The objective is to strengthen the competitiveness of the regions and cohesion between them. All projects should be permeated by the spirit of sustainable development, equality, diversity and integration. Furthermore, for the projects developed in the Sami area, the Sami language should stand out through all programs under implementation.


The Sami area is currently governed by a separate section of the Interreg IV A Nord program called Sápmi. It is no longer divided into several programs as it has been the case during the previous program period. The part of the Interreg program that concerns the Sami is going to continue and moreover will cover a larger area.

EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

On October 26, 2009 the European Council endorsed the Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The main raison d'être of the strategy is to bring closer together the eight countries of the region with the population of nearly 100 million people. All EU programs that are being implemented in the area covered by the Baltic Sea Region Strategy should contribute to achieving its objectives in the best possible way. This means, for instance, that reporting for all the projects of the program Nord that support the strategy is going to be done according to priority areas set by the strategy.


Read more about the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region here

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